K. Kiya Arkali

The works are transmitting a strength and a truth

through the acknowledgement of the opposites.

Combining light with darkness, chaos with harmony ..

and all together, in a magical way, become one.

Thus, he reaches completion through his artwork.

S. Divinorum

Your work is excellent .. with artistic background,

dramatic tone and creative imagination ..

You're a true artist.

I hope that you soon will be exhibiting at the Tate Gallery

and worldwide. Just open your wings ..


A special artist in the way he sees Art, in the way he

manages and visualizes Art, in the way he communicates it.

I am pleased to have met you by this beautiful coincidence

and I 'ended up' having pieces of your artwork to adorn my space.

A. Polymerou

I had the honor to see up close the work

of a new talented visual artist ..

The joy was great .. it was also imprinted..

Thank you.

K. Dimou

Great work of an artist with soul and need for personal

transformation through colors and harmony.

Each artwork is unique, like a mirror that that serves

as a mirage which is always a view of you rown soul.

Keep being inspired to guide our souls !

A. Zefkili

The exhibition was excellent !

I still have it on my mind..

This is success !! You have seen ART

and it accompanies you

even when it’s not there physically !

N. Dora

Extremely unique, inspirational artwork,

with a very personal style.

I was very pleased !!

K. Iatridis

Amazing. Well done. Thank you.

J. Love

Merci, Gracias, Thanks, Efcharistó, for your Art!


Keep showing your work !

A. Kartsiotis

You are one hot artist ! Excellent.

N. Brauch

They're all really very beautiful.

I believe honestly that your work is marvelous!

V. Rinas

The works are like very impressive !! !!

The possibilities are infinite.